You can buy Anatomies from my publisher, Aforementioned Productions, or from Small Press Distribution.

Anatomies has received some great reviews from NewPages, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and! Links below if you’d like. The salient points are–

“If bodies are temples, Susan McCarty is an expert demolitionist.” -NewPages

“McCarty’s deft blend of drama and humor always rings true; there’s not an out-of-place moment in this resonant collection.” -Publishers Weekly

“A promising debut…[with] a diversity of tone…” -Kirkus

“The author seems like the type of person who would laugh at a funeral.”

My publishers, who are amazing beautiful (like actually physically beautiful) wing-y angel beings made a cool book trailer (NOT an oxymoron as it turns out!).

And some radio interviews! I spoke with Shelagh Shapiro at Write the Book in Burlington, VT and Don Rush at Delmarva Today.