Radio Interview, PW Review, Creature Ecriture

I had a lovely, interesting conversation with Don Rush at Delmarva Public Radio about ANATOMIES. My on-air tic is that I say “absolutely” a lot. Like the production logo at the end of Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job!

As far as tics go, could be worse.

Publisher’s Weekly gave ANATOMIES a very kind review

But the greatest thing about publishing a book, which no one ever told me, is all the photos friends send me when they get the book in the mail. Extra points for dogs and babies!

Last, I’ve been reading a lot of great female experimental writers this summer. Like my summer has just been full of them. Amelia Gray’s GUTSHOT, Caren Beilin’s UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, Joanna Ruocco’s DAN, Maggie Nelson’s BLUETS, Renee Gladman’s THE EVENT FACTORY, Amina Cain’s CREATURE (really, though, just everything Dorothy puts out). Rachel Levy’s A BOOK SO RED is on order, as is Lidia Yuknavitch’s THE SMALL BACKS OF CHILDREN. These voices are literature. Now. It’s a new day for ecriture feminine in America, (right this second!) and it is astonishing. I’m making a class. Send me more recs. I cannot get enough of these ra(u)p(e)/tured lyrics. Hope to post some reviews/thoughts soon…