I was in Park City over the weekend with old friends. It snowed a lot. We had a great time anyway. I read the latest W, Elle and InStyle, and then dropped friends at the airport and picked up an additional Lucky and Glamour. Ideologically I don’t agree with these magazines and usually I at least have the taste to feel embarrassed when I buy them, but I was in full-on “Colors! Pretty!” mode. To say I read these magazines is, I guess, a stretch. I did much sustained looking at them. They made me want to wash my hair on a regular basis and wear things other than sweatshirts and jeans. It’s time! It’s time to get out of my womb chair and wear a skirt or things that match. I love fashion, I truly do, it’s just: who has the time? Every fashion designer ever wears black. If they can’t be bothered, then who? It was somehow easier when I lived in New York. The populations strutting the sidewalks of the city seemed to issue a challenge which I usually accepted. I don’t think I owned a single hoodie when I lived there. If I did, I wore it to yoga class and nowhere else. Once I wore lovely heels so uncomfortable, I had to limp from Penguin to the nearest shoe store, two blocks away, in bare bleeding feet, to buy new shoes. Thank god for Hepatitis vaccinations.

I looked at New Yorkers and they looked at me. We tried to be interesting or novel for each other. Dress is New York’s best street attraction. You could always take but, even on my limited budget, I tried to give back. A minimum of t-shirts (t-shirts in French? Okay.) No flip-flops. No leather goods with white stitching (why is this like nails in my eyeballs? I don’t know). When the Crocs craze started to sweep the nation no one in New York understood it. If everyone else in America had agreed to start wearing water wings over their clothes, I don’t think we could have been more flummoxed. So, no clogs or clog-like Styrofoam facsimiles. The first thing I did when I moved away from New York? Bought clogs. I try to rock them but I’m tall and large of foot and sometimes they give me Frankenstein vibes. Crocs, however, still make me twitch.

One of the friends from the weekend told me she knew a woman who had recently married a celebrity. Maybe it was even Kevin Bacon. We’ll pretend it was. When asked what was the best thing about her new lifestyle with Kevin Bacon she answered, without hesitation, “The clothes.”


Banksy was in Park City last year for the release of his documentary. Here’s what he had to say about Hollywood:

I look through my iced coffee in response.

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